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Galatea, spécialiste de la mesure et de la collecte de données.

Galatea accompagne les entreprises dans leur révolution numérique grâce à l’Internet des Objets (IoT).

L'entreprise, SARL au capital de 1 million de francs,  a été fondée en 2014 par Jean-Victor Lussan

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Galatea is dedicated to measure and collect data.

Galatea supports companies in their digital revolution through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Galatea is dedicated to provide solutions to measure, collect data and remotely control equipments.

With the first LoRaWan network deployed in French polynesia, Galatea is an integrator offering turnkey solutions to support companies, municipalities and administrations in their digital revolution thanks to the Internet of Objects (IoT).

Galatea provides the sensors, the network as well as an IoT platform that allows to store and interact with the data.

The collected data can be analyzed and visualized (graphs, tables, reports) on a personalized portal. Alerts via sms, email or http can be triggered on reaching a threshold or rules that the company can set.


Thus, from the measurements made it is possible to improve or reduce its costs.


Galatea helps companies, municipalities and administrations to innovate and create new services thanks to IoT.

Galatea has been founded in 2014 by Jean-Victor Lussan

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